2019 Federal Election

Updated: Thu, 27 Jun 2019 11:39:52 AM AEST

Divisions with TCP exception

The data provided in this table can be filtered by geographical location by selecting the different state/territory buttons.

Selecting 'national' will return all available data.

This table provides a list of seats where it has become apparent that the incorrect candidates may have been chosen for the two candidate preferred count and any TCP results could be irrelevant.

This means that fresh TCP candidates will be determined and a new count will begin as soon as possible.


  1. Two candidate preferred or TCP is a count of the two leading candidates only - votes are recorded for a particular candidate if the preference on the ballot paper for that candidate is higher than the alternative TCP candidate, regardless of other preferences. The TCP count ultimately determines who wins the seat.
  2. These results are not final.
Division State Held